Monday, August 10, 2009

Release of Data Origami Library 0.002

The Data Origami Library has been updated. The image class now supports the following objects:
  • Orienting the camera by using a lookAt and lookFrom location
  • Blocks defined by opposing corners
  • Cylinders defined by end locations
  • Spheres
  • Text boxes

An issue with shading was corrected. The library now generates shadows correctly.

The library can be downloaded here.

The image above was generated by the test script here.


  1. Hallo,
    In your title I see Origami, in what sence does is the library (very nice!) connected with paper-folding

  2. Peter,
    In origami, a flat piece of paper is translated, via a standard set of folds, into a rich paper sculpture. This is done without changing the underlying piece of paper. One of my goals with this library is to build a standard set of tools for transforming data into rich representations. My goal with this blog is to both build a library and explore data sets I've found interesting. The relationship between the library and origami is the similarity in transforming something simple into something rich without changing the underlying thing: paper for origami, data for this library.