Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to build a scene from scratch in Blender

As a test of what it takes to build something from scratch, here is a very simple (and ugly) hello world program.
import Blender from Blender import Scene, Object, Camera, Text3d from Blender import Lamp from Blender.Scene import Render from Blender import Material from Blender import Window # scene = Scene.New() camdata = Camera.New() lampdata = Lamp.New() lampdata.setEnergy(10.0) lampdata.setSpotSize(180) txt = Text3d.New() txt.setText('Hello World') cam = cam.setLocation(0.0,-7.0,1.0) cam.setEuler(1.5,0.0,-0.35) lamp = lamp.setLocation(0.0,-1,5) msg = msg.setEuler(1.8,0.0,-0.05) # mat = Material.New('newMat') # create a new Material called 'newMat' mat.rgbCol = [0.8, 0.2, 0.2] # change its color mat.setAlpha(0.2) # mat.alpha = 0.2 -- almost transparent mat.emit = 0.7 # equivalent to mat.setEmit(0.8) mat.mode = Material.Modes.ZTRANSP # turn on Z-Buffer transparency mat.setName('RedBansheeSkin') # change its name mat.setAdd(0.8) # make it glow mat.setMode('Halo') # msg.setMaterials([mat]) # Window.RedrawAll() #
After executing this program and using the renderer to create an image, the following image is created.

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